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Update Yonex Dutch Junior International 2022, 12-01-2022

This Friday, January 14th, the newly installed Dutch national government will hold a press conference to explain their plans for the coming weeks regarding the pandemic. We, the organizing committee of the Yonex Dutch Junior International, are of course bound by national laws and regulations.

Immediately after the press conference we will come together and make a decision about whether or not our beautiful tournament will be held, or not. We will inform you of our decision via our website, social channels, and direct mail, if you are in our mailing list. We regret that this has to be the procedure, but these are the current times, unfortunately. Please be careful about organizing your trip to, or stay in The Netherlands before the decision is taken, as we can not be held responsible for costs incurred, should the tournament be canceled. We will announce our decision no later than January 16th 12:00 (CET).

Kind regards, fingers crossed and stay safe,

The Yonex Dutch Junior International

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