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Day 4, 01-03-2015

Day 4 from the Yonex Dutch Junior International 2015!

The fourth day of the tournament started with the mixed doubles quarter finals. Of the 8 pairs there were 2 from Europe and 6 from Asia. You can say that the Asian mixed doubles are a little bit better than the Europe mixed doubles. Jinn Hwa Tan and Jin Wei Goh upset the number one seeds yesterday. Today they played against Alexandre Hammer and Anne Tran from France. The France pair took the lead in the first game but didn’t manage to keep it till the end, 21-19 for the Malaysian pair. The second game was easy for the Malaysian pair 21-12. Yuta Watanabe (who played the match of the day yesterday) and Chiharu Shida from Japan (seeded 3/4) played against Ben Lane and Jessica Pugh from England (seeded 5/8). The Japan pair won in straight games and reached the semi finals.

Sze Fei Goh and Ying Ying Lee from Malaysia played against Kyung Hoon Park and Keun Hye Park from Korea (seeded 3/4) The unseeded Malaysian pair had reached the semi finals. In 3 games they were the better pair; 21-15 / 12-21 / 21-18. Chung Yonny and Ns Tsz Yau from Hong Kong (second seeded, and last year’s winners) played against Su Min Lim and Hyang Im Kim from Korea. The Korean pair upset the seeded Hong Kong pair, 13-21 / 21-17 / 21-14.

After the first quarter finals there was a round of men’s and woman’s singles.

In the men’s singles the first and seconded seeded played. June Wei Cheam from Malaysia (first seeded) played against Ronan Geuguin from France. June Wei Cheam won in straight games, 21-12 / 21-13.

June Su Lee from Korea (seeded 3/4) played a long match against Talar Laa from India (seeded 9/16). After 59 minutes Jun Su Lee was the winner; 21-19 / 13-21 / 21-15.

Unseeded Yoshitaka Ogura from Japan upset Luis Enrique Penalver from Spain (seeded 5/8). After 3 games the Japan player won the close match; 12-21 / 21-8 / 21-18.

The second seeded Seung Jae Seo from Korea played against Siril Verma from India. After 3 sets, Seung Jae Seo reached the following round, 21-11 / 19-21 / 21- 15.

Aldia Chen from the Netherlands played against Natsuki Nidaire from Japan (seeded 5/8). The Japanese player won in straight games, 21-17 / 21-14.

In the woman’s singles the highest seeded player left in the draw was Clara Azurmendi from Spain (3/4). She played against the unseeded Pardeshi Shreyanshi from India. The Pardeshi Shreyanshi upset Clara Azurmendi by winning in straight games, 21-13 / 21-16.

Around 1 o’clock the men’s doubles started. The first seeded Jong Woo Choi and Seung Jae Seo from Korea played against Keny Mitsuhashi ans Yuta Watanabe from Japan. The Japan pair played the match of the day yesterday and today they beat the first seeded Jong Woo Cohi and Seung Jae Seo in another thrilling match. There were extra points required in the deciding game; 21-17 / 16-21 / 22-20.

The second seeded Chun Yonny and Li Kuen Hon from Hong Kong played against Keita Ogawa and Yoshitaka from Japan. The Japan pair upset the second seeded pair, also with extra points required in the third set; 21-19 / 20-22 / 22-20.

The Dutch pair Ruben Jillle and Alex Vlaar played against Ben Land and Sean Vendy from Engeland (seeded 3/4). The Dutch pair lost in straight games; 21-12 / 21-13.

Local Hero’s Ties van der Lecq and Teun playd against Jun Su Lee and Kyung Hoon Park from Korea. The Korean pair proved to be a little bit better; 21-11 / 21-8.

After the men’s doubles, the quarter finals of the Woman’s doubles started. First seeded Hye Jeong Kim and Keun Hye Park from Korea played against Joanna Chaube and Lole Courtois from France. The first seeded pair won in straight games; 21-18 / 21-15.

Second seeded Katarina Galenic and Maja Pavlinic from Croatia played against Soo Jun Lee and Min Hee Shon from Korea. The Korean pair upset the second seeded pair ; 21-10 / 21-18.

In the late afternoon the quarter finals of the singles started. The biggest surprise is probably that Max Weisskirchen has reached the semi finals! He beat the second seeded Seung Jae Seo from Korea; 16-21 / 21-13 / 21-19! The other players who reached the semi finals are all Asian players.

The day is ended with the semi finals of the mixed doubles. The highest seeded players are Yuta Watanabe and Chichura Shida from Japan, they are 3/4 seeded. The played against Jinn Hwa Tan an Jin Wei Goh from Malaysia. In a very close match the Malaysian scratch pair was the fittest; 23-21 / 19-21 / 21-18. The other semi final was between Sze Fei Goh and Ying Ying Lee from Malaysia against Su Min Lim and Hyang Im Kim from Korea. In this match the Malaysian pair was the best; 21-13 / 21-17. The mixed double final is an all Malaysian party.

Come and watch at the Duinwijckhall in Haarlem. If you’re not able to visit the tournament you can follow it on the website by live score!

For the seeded players click here and for the matches click here!

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