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Day 3, 28-02-2015

Day 3 from the Yonex Dutch Junior International 2015!

The third day of the tournament started with mixed doubles. And the first match were the number one seeded Korean pair Jong Woo Choi and Hye Jeong Kim against the Indian pair Rohan Kapoor and Ahillya Hajani. The Korean pair won in straight games, 21-15 / 21-11. The second seeds, and last year’s champions, Chung Yonny and Ng Tsz Yay from Hong Kong played against Thomas Vallez and Delphine Delrue from France. The Hong Kong pair needed 3 sets to beat the French pair, 16-21 / 21-10 / 21-16.

The match between the 5/8 seeded France Pair Alexandre Hammer and Anne Tran against the Belgium pair Daan Philips and Anna Bogemans went to a close 3rd set, the French pair winning 21-12 / 16-21 / 21-18. Jinn Hwa Tan and Jin Wei Goh from Malaysia needed extra points in both sets before winning against Shi Xuan Dominic Soh and Jia Ying Crystal Wong from Singapore.

The match between Kyung Hoon Park an Keun Hye Park from Korea (seeded ¾) against Thai To and Johanna Magnusson from Sweden started one-sided, as the Korean pair won the first set with 21-4, but they needed extra points in the second set before winning 26-24.

Dutch pair Ruben Jille and Alida Chen (seeded 5/8) played against Su Min Lim and Hyang Im Kim from Korea. The Dutch pair won the first set, 24-22. The Korean pair the second set, 22-20 (after Ruben adn Alida having one matchpoint). In the deciding game the Korean pair was the prevailed 21-18.

After the Mixed doubles the men’s and women’s singles started. The first seeded June Wei Cheam from Malaysia ande the second seeded Seung Jae Seo both had convincing wins. June beat Albert Hjalm from Sweden 21-13 / 21-10 and Seung beat Lawrence de Pauw from Belgium 21-10 / 21-7.

The English player Ross Green give his father a nervous breakdown by winning the second set from Zin Rei Ryan Ng from Singapore (seeded 9/16). He had a flight to catch after his match. The decisive game was 21-16 for Zin Rei Ryan Ng.

The biggest upset so far was the second seeded Maja Pavlinic from Croatia losing to Nami Matsuyama from Japan. The unseeded Nami Matsuyama won after 3 games! 21-19 / 16 - 21 / 21 - 9. Dutchie Alida Chen has reached the 1/8 finals! She played against Isabel Fernandez from Spain (seeded 9/16) and won in 3 games, 21-13 / 19-21 / 21-8. Tamara van der Hoeven was not able to follow her into ther round of 16). Tamara lost in straight games to Clara Azurmend from Spain, 21-13 / 21-11.

After a afternoon with singles the men doubles started. The first seeded Jong Wooi Choi and Seung Jae Seo from Korea played against Rover jay Babatido and Lawrence de Pauw from Belgium. The Korean pair didn’t have much trouble with the Belgium pair; 21-11 / 21-7. The second seeded Chun Yonny and Li Kue Hon from Hong Kong played against the German pair Jan Felix Matulat and David Peng. The Hong Kong pair also had an easy match; 21-12 / 21-4.

The match of the day was the much anticipated men’s doubles between Yuta Watanabe and Kenya Mitshuhashi from Japan against Jinn Hwa Tan and Sze Fei Goh from Malaysia. After a great match with skill, power and speed the Japan pair went through to the next round 21-18 / 18-21 / 21-13.

The Dutch pair Ruben Jille and Alex Vlaar played against Talar Laa and Sahil Sipani from India. The Dutch pair has reached the second round by winning with 21-7 / 21-14. There was a complete Dutch match; Ties van der Lecq and Teun Yntema (Duinwijck players) against Sebastian Ming Kee LI and Niels Veenstra. The Local Hero’s Teun and Ties won the match; 21-14 / 21-13. They now play the Korean pair of Jun Su Lee and Kyung Hoon Park for a place in the quarter finals.

And the day ended with the same event as it started; mixed doubles. The first seeded Korean pair John Woo Choi and Hye Jeong Kim played against Jinn Hwa Tan and Jin Wei Goh from Malaysia. The Malaysian pair upset the first seeded Korean pair ! The beat them in straight games; 21-10 / 21-18. The Malaysian pair combined out of a women’s singles player and a boys doubles player, Ying Ying Lee and Sze Fei Goh upset the German 5/8 seeds Max Weisskirchen and Eva Janssens 21-18 / 21-18.

The second seeded pair Chung Yonny and Ng Tsz Yau from Hong Kong played against Hong Sun Lee and Ye Rim Shim from Korea. The Hong Kong pair reached the quarter finals by winning 21-13 / 21-13.

From our special reporter Brian Wassink:
Yesterday I was assisting from 16.00 till 20.00 hours at the referee table. When the match was played, the shuttles came back. Than I had to pick out the bad shuttles. I also had to fill baskets with water and new shuttles. It was fun to do it. During my assisting at the referee table I saw some matches and I wrote something down.

The first match I saw was Marlies Baan against a French player Hoyaux. It wasn't a good match from Marlies, This because she made a lot of mistakes. And that was a pity because at the training Marlies is always a good player. The next match was Fan Ka Yon against Deborah Jille. The first set Deborah lost with 21-7, but the second set she played better and finally it became 21-16. After that match Alida Chen began her match. And within a few minutes it stands 5-1 for Courtois from France. But Alida began to play and she was really fast at the court. So she was first at the 11 points. Fortunately Alida won her first set with 21-19. The second set Alida played better than in the first one, so this set was an easy one. 21-11.

Come and watch at the Duinwijckhall in Haarlem. If you’re not able to visit the tournament you can follow it on the website by live score!

For the seeded players click here and for the matches click here!

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