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Day 2, 26-02-2015

Day 2 from the Yonex Dutch Junior International 2015! Today was the longest day of the tournament with matches between 9:30 am and 9:35 pm! Both men and women played doubles and singles, so almost all of the players have played today. Only the mixed players, or players seeded in some parts had the day off.

Today started with the first round of men’s doubles. The very first match was the Japan pair Kenya Mitsuhashi and Yuta Watanabe against the Korean pair Seung Gyu Baek and Jung Soo Byun. As the organization we were very disappointed that the met each other so early in the tournament. The Japan pair was clearly better on Thursday morning and won 21-14 and 21-10. A closer match was between England (Harry Arksey and David Jones) and the Netherlands (Ruben Jille and Alex Vlaar). The Dutch pair won after 45 minutes on court with 18-21 / 21-11 / 21-19.

The Duinwijck double Kevin de Waal and Jake Vooijs played a good match but couldn’t match the level of the Indian pair Krishna Prasad Garaga and Satwiksairaj Rankieddy. The other Duinwijck pair, Ties van der Leqc and Teun Yntema played a very good match against the English pair Max Flynn and Jonty Russ. They won the exiting decisive game 21-19!

The last men’s double on court was Callum Hemming and Zach Russ from England against Daniel Hess and Julian Voigt from Germany. The match was decided in 3 games and Germany emerged as the winner with 18-21 / 21-11 / 21-6.

After the men’s doubles a round of woman’s doubles was played. The first seeded double pair Hye Jeong Kim and Keun Hye Park from Korean played the first match against Vimala Heriau and Margot Lambert from France. It was an easy match for the first seeded Korean pair 21-10 / 21-6.

The Dutch pair Tamara van der Hoeven and Stephanie Pietersz played a close first set against Verlaine Faulmann and Yaelle Hoyaux from France, the second set was easy for the France pair 22-20 / 21-8. The other Dutch pair Debora Jille and Imke van der Aar also played against a France pair, Delphine Delrue and Anne Tran (seeded 5/8). The France pair won the match in 3 sets 21-15 / 16-21 / 25-23. It was the first woman’s double in 3 sets this day! The other 3 set matches in the woman’s doubles were Emma Karlsson and Johanna Magnusson from Sweden and Jessica Hopton and Lydia Jane Powell from England, won by England 18-21 / 21-13 / 21-17. The last Dutch pair Marlies Baan and Ella Peters lost their match against Clara Azurmendig and Isabele Fernandez from Spain, 21-19 / 21-13.

A very nice woman’s double was Hyang Im Kim and Ye Rim Shim from Korea against Jia Ying Crystal Wong and Jia Min Yea from Singapore. The Korean pair won 21-17 / 21-18. The second seeded pair Katarina Galenic and Maja Pavlinci from Croatia (last year runners up) played against P. Sonika Sai and Anoushka Parikh from India. They survived the first round by winning with 22-20 / 21-14.

Noteworthy is that almost all of the ladies doubles are played in straight sets.

After the woman’s doubles were played, the first men’s single got on court. June Wei Cheam from Malaysia played the first men’s singles against Thom Gicquel from France. June Wei Cheam won easy from Thom Gicquel 21-6 / 21-14. A great match was between Luis Enrique Penalver (5/8 seeded) from Spain against Chan Yin Chak from Hong Kong! It was a strange match which was won by the seeded player from Spain with 21-13 / 13-21 / 21-19! It was also the first and only 3setter of the day in the men’s singles! The second seeded men’s single, Seung Jae Seo from Korea played against Juno Thomas from Luxembourg. Seung Jae Seo won in straight easy sets, 21-7 / 21-8.

The Dutch players in the men’s singles Alex Vlaar (9/16 seeded) had a bad day, he had to retire because of illness. Niels Veenstra played against Tanguy Citron from France. The Frenchmen won the match, 21-7 / 21-13. Joran Kweekel played against Jung Soo Byub from Korea, Joran played a good first set but lost with 21-17, the second set the Korean played very well and was won with 21-11. Nick Blankvoort played against Victor Alcaide from Spain. The match is won by Spain, 21-12 and 21-14. This means that there is no Dutch men’s singles in the second round of the tournament.

And the last matches of the day were woman’s singles. The first seeded woman’s single from India has withdrawn from the tournament. So Miranda Wilson from Germany had the chance to play, she won against Sofie van de Kerkhof from Belgium. The second seeded player Maja Pavlinci from Croatia played against the Swedish Clara Nistad. Croatie has won the match in 2 sets, 21-10 / 24-22.

The Dutch woman’s singles didn’t had a good evening. Marlies Baan lost to Yaelle Hoyax from France (9/16 seeded) in straight sets, Debora Jille lost her match to Fan Ka Yan from Hong Kong in Straight sets. Stephanie Pietersz lost her match from Luise Heim from Germany, 21-5 / 21-10. Alida Chen won her match against Lole Courtois from France in straight sets and Tamara van der Hoeven won her match against Presence Beelen from Belgium in 3 sets, 20-22 / 21-15 / 21-14.

The match between Sri Krishna Priya Kudaravalli from India and Jessica Hopton from England was the match of the day! After 3sets Sri Krishna Priya Kudaravalli was the winner, 21-16 / 15-21 / 26-24. Another very good match was between Crystal Pan from U.S.A and Mykherjee Riya from India. 21-17 / 20-22 / 21-9.

Last match was between Johanna Magnusson from Sweden against Joanna Chaube from France. The match is won by Sweden, 21-19 / 13-21 / 21-16.

There were no big upsets today. We’re anxious to see tomorrow’s matches! Come and watch at the Duinwijckhall in Haarlem. If you’re not able to visit the tournament you can follow it on the website by live score!

For the seeded players click here and for the matches click here!

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