Yonex Dutch Junior International

Badminton Nederland Badminton Europe Duinwijck

2014, Day 3, 03-03-2014

The third day of the tournament started with the mixed doubles.

First seeded mixed doules Ruben Jille and Alida Chen from the Netherlands had a Walkover from the Turkeys couple.
The second seeded coupleMarvin Seidel and Jennifer Karnott from Germany played against Sanidhya Bandoont and Anushka Kuvelkar from India. The German couple won the match with 21-8 and 21-12.

After the mixed doubles the tournament got on with the men’s singels. First seeded player Mark Caljouw played against Satheistharan Ramachandran from Malaysia. In three sets Caljouw proved his seeding right for today. Tomorrow he will play against Luis Ramon Garrido Esquivel [5/8] from Mexico.

Second seeded player Fabian Roth played against Haktan Dogan from Turkey. Fabian won the match with 22-20 21-8.

After the men’s singles the women had to perform their best.
First seeded player Xiaoyu Liang played against Lydia Powell from England. Lydia played a good game but Xiaoyu was just better and won the match 21-10 and 21-13.
Second seeded player Jinjing Qin played against Shreyanshi Pardeshi from India. Jinjing won the match 21-7 21-19.
After the singles there was a round of men’s doubles and the second round of the day with the mixed doubles.

The men’s doubles

First seeded players Johannes Pistorius and Marvin Seidel from Germany played against Zin Rei Ryan Ng and Soon Yang Bernard Ong from Singapore. The first set is a thriller and the German couple won this with 28-26. The second set is also a close game untill the interval. After the interval the German couple took control and won the game with 21-14.
Second seeded players Ruben Jille and Alex Vlaar from the Netherlands played against Simon Wang and Kim Zeber from Germany. The result of the match is an easy 21-10 and 21-8 win for the Dutchies.

The mixed doubles

First seeded players Ruben Jille and Alida Chen played against Johannes Pisotrius and Linda Elfer form Germany. Johannes and Linda surprised the top seeded players and won the match with 21-16 and 21-19. Will they be able to win the tournament after beating the top seeded players?
From our special reporter Brian Wassink
Brian is 13 years old and has followed a few Dutch players this day.

Mark Caljouw

In the first set Mark had a lot of trouble with his Asian opponent. He lost the first game with 17-21. The second set is for Mark with 21-18. In the third set Mark takes the lead and hold this. Satheistharan try’s his best and gets closer but not close enough, Mark won the match with 21-11 in the third set.

Imke van der Aar

Imke played against Johanssen from Sweden, the first set Imke won with 21-15. The Duinwijck and Netherlands supporters were cheering very loud for Imke, but that was not enough for the second set, Johanssen from Sweden won 21-18. The third set is a close game with opportunities for both of the girls. By the interval Johanssen leads with 11-8. With some exciting rallies Johanssen wins the match with 21-18.

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