Yonex Dutch Junior International

Badminton Nederland Badminton Europe Duinwijck

2014, Day 2, 02-03-2014

The second day of the tournament started with the men’s singels. First seeded Mark Caljouw won his first matchfrom fellow countryman Thomas Sibbald and plays in the third round on Friday against Satheistharan Ramachandran from Malaysia. The second seeded player at the men’s singels, Fabian Roth from Germany, also won his first single. He will play in the third round against Haktan Dogan from Turkey.

The first seeded Xiaoyu Liang from Singapore played against Desandha Vegarani Putri from Indonesia. The match was won by Xiaoyu Liang with 21-6 21-11. The second seeded player Jinjing Qin from China also won her first single from local player Corinne Breukers with 21-4 and 21-6.

Both will play Friday the second round, Xiaoyu Liangagainst Lydia Powell from England and Jinjing Qin against Shreyanshi Pardeshi from India.

There were various country parties today, so the coaches had some rest this morning.

Local player Imke van der Aar won her single in three sets 21-14 / 17-21 / 21-19 from Joanna Chaube from France, tomorrow she will play against Lovisa Johansson from Sweden. Will she be able to win her single again?
Some seeded players where surprised by the Asian players and the tournament has ended for them.

In the evening they started with the men’s and ladies doubles, the seeded players had a day off and there were no real surprises.

The third day will bring more exciting matches so come and watch at the ‘Duinwijckhall’ Badmintonpad 1 in Haarlem.

From our special reporter Brian Wassink

Brian is 13years old and followed a few Dutch players for us this day.

Alex Vlaar

Alex starts badly against Guipu Lin from China. In a few minutes it was 8-1 for China. Alex played his best and came closer to Guipu. But the Chinese showed he is the better player today, the first set was for Guipu with 21-13. The second set started better for Alex, by the interval it was 11-6. Guipu had the possibility to play faster and won the second set with 21-12.

Justin Teeuwen

Justin played a good first set and stayed close to his opponent, Muhammad Revindra Raynaldi from Indonesia, at the break it is 11-8 for Raynaldi. After the break Raynaldi speeded up the game and won the first set wit 21-13. De second set was a close game, Justin leading at the interval with 11-10. After some exciting rally’s and with a lot of shouting Justin won the second set with 25-23. In the third set Justin took the lead and with some more exciting rally’s Justin won the game with 21-19. He will play tomorrow against Guipu Lin from China who beat Alex Vlaar earlier today.

Alida Chen

Alida(seeded 5/8) played the first match against Ming Chun Chen from China. Ming Chun showed why she came to the Netherlands, she won the first set with 21-10. In the second set Alida tries everything to win but Ming Chun is just better and wins the second set wit 21-8.

Imke van der Aar

Imke played her single against Joanna Chaube from France. In the first set Imke was in front, 11-8 by the interval and holds the lead the whole first set, 21-14 for Imke. The second set Joanna plays a different game and she was in front 11-4 by the interval. Imke fought back but Joanna won the second set with 21-17. In the third set both of the ladies played there best and exciting rallies. Imke wins the game with 21-19.

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