Yonex Dutch Junior International

Badminton Nederland Badminton Europe Duinwijck

2014, Day 1, 26-02-2014

Day one of the Yonex Dutch Junior 2014. After 3 days of preparing the hall and picking up the teams from all over the world at the airport, the tournament started with the men’ s singles. At 10 o’ clock the first point was played and the tournament had really started after weeks of preparations.

The first day was an easy day to get going for the organization with a small number of matches (55) and several walkovers (9).

The seeded players had a day off, so there were no surprises in that area of the tournament. On day 2 they will be on court and show us if the seeding is right, or the un-seeded players are able to challenge and beat them!

For the local players it was a good day. Steef van Wooning won his single in the first round and Imke van der Aar won her mixed double with her partner Joran Kweekel. They will play their second round matches on day 2.

Day 2 will start at 09:30 local time with the men’s singles and the first seeded Dutchie Mark Caljouw will play the first match of the day! Will he prove his top-seeding in this tournament?

We can’t wait to see a lot of interesting matches! The last match is planned for 21.10, so come and watch some matches, entry is free!

Hope to see many of you come and watch at the Duinwijckhal, badmintonpad 1 in Haarlem

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