Yonex Dutch Junior International

Badminton Nederland Duinwijck



During your stay we will take care of transportation. You will get your "transportation schedule”, please fill this in and return it to one of the drivers.


In order to ensure attractive presentation of badminton, all clothing should be acceptable badminton sports clothing. Coloured clothing is permitted. We will appreciate it if in Doubles partners wear the same colours. Please inform your players of this, to ensure correct clothing is available.


Wednesday 9.00 - 18.00 (supermarket open till 20.00)
Thursday 9.00 - 21.00 (supermarket open till 20.00)
Friday 9.00 - 18.00 (supermarket open till 20.00)
Saturday 9.00 - 17.00 (supermarket open till 20.00)
Sunday 12.00 - 17.00 (supermarket op en till 18.00)

Supermarket is at 5 minutes walking distance from the Hall

Important telephone numbers:

Duinwijckhall (023) - 5262996 (Organisation)
Transportation (Eddy) (+31) (023) 545 9730
Hotel Haarlem-Zuid (023) - 5367500
Youth Hostel (023) - 5373793

Dial 023 only when you are outside Haarlem or use a mobile phone.

Delivery of food in the Duinwijckhall

It is possible to order ‘pizza’, ‘Chinese’ or 'Mexican'. Food can be ordered starting at 12:00 hrs. Your order will be delivered in the Duinwijckhall. Take into account it will take about 30 minutes to deliver.

Please ask for this at the transport desk/driver's table.


There will be practice courts available during the week. Details will follow.

String service

During the Dutch Junior, string service will be available. For more information please go to the organisation office.


During the tournament there will be a physiotherapist at your service. Please apply at Match Control.


The Yonex Dutch Junior International has its own website. Follow the event on www.yonexdutchjunior.com. Also after the event you can watch the highlights and visit the site for the past editions. You can also find us at facebook or Instagram


The SBT (Stichting Bevordering Topbadminton) is a Dutch foundation that promotes and supports High Performance Badminton. At present, SBT mainly supports high performance badminton events in Europe. Previously, SBT was involved in supporting players in the Netherlands as well as organising many badminton events such as the European Championships, Thomas and Uber Cup Preliminaries and the Sudirman Cup. In 2015 SBT will support many tournaments throughout Europe and in the Netherlands. Also the Dutch junior is supported by SBT. More information and contact addresses can be found at www.badminton-ict.nl

Internet Cafe

Upstairs, in the restaurant, there will be a small Internet Café. Here, you can read your mail, and surf the Internet.